The West Africa sub region has been undergoing rapid economic and political transformations with growth rates translating to increases in consumption income.  With a population of 350 million and a majority under 30 years of age, West Africa offers tremendous investment opportunities for the right investor.  Gone are the days of military dictatorships, which have given way to a burst of electoral politics and free market economic policies that are fueling a surge of middle class consumers.  Some Leaders are responding to the hopes and aspirations of their citizens by fomenting an environment conducive for FDI flows. Nowhere is this politico-economic trend truer than in Ghana, a country renowned for its political stability and peaceful atmosphere.  The government of Ghana has issued a clarion call to the private sector to partner the public sector to facilitate the rapid industrialization of the economy in a manner that engenders wealth creation to benefit all communities across the nation.

Ten Forward Group is an active corporate citizen that is dedicated to investing in the development of infrastructure projects with long term objective to create sustainable businesses that generates employment for the masses and creates wealth for all stakeholders.  We welcome investment partners to join our quest to build the next African Unicorn.